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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The process

I realized the other night that as much as I post about new pieces or collections I'm working on, I haven't elaborated enough on the process.   How do I make all my jewelry you may ask???

And though you may be well aware that the method I use to achieve my pieces are through casting, the beginning is researched and sketched out several months in advance.

My notebook is where it starts, writing out ideas, small sketches that move into images and drawings of stones.  I also 'play' and arrange some bones and random bits I keep in my studio.  Then once I have an idea of what stones and bones will be used I layout the pieces and put the connections together, of how they will interact.  This is truly the fun part for me, where the collection fleshes out.

 I also create a Pinterest board, collecting colors, outfits and more that shape the mood of the collection.  For me this is where my inner fashion designer lives. 

Once I have a strong and cohesive collection designed, I work on the actual pieces.  I make molds of the bone, for example the Bast collection and play with the wax pieces.  Combining them in new ways and how will these pieces work on the body and hands. 

I transition throughout the weeks, sitting at my wax station to finishing the pieces at my bench.  I do enjoy the back and forth of creating and then finishing.  I've gotten better at it over the years as well, knowing when I need to sit down and dream up new pieces. 

So there you have it, the process in a nutshell!
Thanks for reading.

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