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Thursday, March 24, 2016

My journey with animals

I love animals and my fascination and appreciation for them has grown quite a bit over the past several years.

However, I will say, I wasn't always comfortable interacting with them.  I'll never forget back in my 20's I was visiting my friend's parents house and her mom had 3-4 rabbits.  One got loose in the backyard and my friend told me to grab it, well I got scared and I let her do it.  My friend gave me a hard time but honestly, I didn't want to get bitten.

Gangsta Squintsy, my first cat.
Stevie, my 2nd fur baby aptly named after Stevie Nicks.
I didn't grow up with animals, cats or dogs or any other small creature.  I certainly wanted one, and asked Santa every year. Alas, I never got a puppy.

Finally in my late 20's, around December, when I was working at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria.  There were posters for a kitten with no eyes that needed a home.  Of course this broke my heart and I said to myself 'you are a grown woman, and you can finally have the pet you want'.

So of course I picked up Squints, she was an itty-bitty kitten with no eyes.  The cutest cat ever, and mean too! She loves to bite but she's also a cuddler.  Then about 4 years later I found Stevie 'meowing' from a gutter.  Stevie and Squints definitely didn't like each other, they still don't but they now tolerate each other.  She is the sweetest cat! She loves to be petted and....well I could go on and on about my cats.

The point being of this post, is that it can take awhile to get comfortable around any animal but what I've found is that respecting them, learning about their habits and needs can help with living with them.  Not only that, animals help us to learn about ourselves.  I think it's so important and critical to our own survival as humans to respect them and their habitats.  Also, take time to visit the animals in your area.  Or go to a place that shares them and treats them humanely. 

Anywho, thank you for reading and indulging me in writing about my most coveted fur babies!

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