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Saturday, January 30, 2016

American Craft Council

I've finally been accepted into an American Craft Council show! Well the Hip Pop show, I had applied last year and wasn't accepted and this year that changed.  I'll be participating in the Atlanta show in March.

When I first began working and learning about the jewelry field back in 2004 when I lived outside of Washington, D.C. I worked at the American Craft Council show for several jewelry artists, such as Valerie Hector and Biba Schutz.  It was such an invaluable experience, learning the behind the scenes hard work of doing such large shows.  I recall telling myself that I wouldn't participate in them due to the immense about of preparation and how draining it can often be, as you can imagine my mind has changed a bit.

The ACC shows are the top tier of craft shows, they only select the best artists in the country, so it is essentially a stamp of approval when an artist participates.  Granted, I will say that when I worked at the previous shows (roughly 8 years ago!), the clientele is a bit older and not necessarily my demographic.  That has changed, ACC has done such an amazing job reworking their image and inviting a younger audience to the shows as well as engaging emerging artists.  The Hip Pop shows allow emerging artists like myself to participate and show our work without breaking the bank.  I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity and so looking forward to meeting the other artists as well as established ones.

Hopefully I will see you there in Hot-lanta!
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