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Friday, January 22, 2016

My first workshop

I'd been planning to reach out to some small art schools to teach but I never got around to it last year, y'know with doing shows and making jewelry some plans and goals get dropped off!  Well I couldn't say no to my friend Danielle James (and fellow ECU alumni) when she asked if I'd be interested in teaching a casting workshop at the Eureka Springs School of Art where Danielle is a metals instructor and coordinator for the programs.

It's going to be new and exciting and I love those kinds of challenges.  I'll be teaching students how to recreate nature/objects into jewelry and finished pieces.  Plus I get to visit this infamous town, Eureka Springs.  Danielle waxed on and on about it before she left Greenville, after graduating with her MFA and I knew I had to visit!

You can view the class description here and sign up.  My session is 9 and begins July 4th through July 8th.  It's perfect timing - fireworks and casting? Hell yes! I know that not only will my students learn a new process but I'll learn how to teach a good 4 day workshop.  I'm just super pumped and excited about this class.
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