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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

recap first day of ECU symposium

As I usually do I'm going to give a lil overview/recap of the ECU symposium.  The theme for this years symposium was In Flux, a play on words if you will.

Some of the presenters and workshops were by more seasoned artists such as Martha Banyas, Barbara Minor and Don Friedlich and then there were new and upcoming artists and designers such as Leah Pierce, jewelry designer for Bottega Veneta and Lauren Tickle (she creates intricate pieces using money), Ben Dory and Marissa Saneholtz.

I thoroughly enjoyed Martha Banyas presentation and the inspiration behind her work, from her trips to Bali to creating batik prints with her enamel.   And her enameling techniques and paintings are exquisite!

So here are some quick snaps I took during the symposium and I'll be adding more posts throughout the week.  

One of the awesome aprons by the ECU Metals Guild
My guests and friends: Erin Younge, Danielle James and ECU Metals Professor Ken Bova.
A lovely pin from the pin swap.
Audrey Peck and myself. 
Of course we hit up Christy's for after hours talks and catching up. Half of the fun is what happens after the symposium.

Me, putting in my 3rd blade, drove me insane at the Saw, File and Solder race at Dirty LAM
This quick video Tara Locklear took should work but it may not!
thank you for reading and stay lovely!
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