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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My alter ego, Eilisain

I learn so much when I do shows and one thing that I've noticed more is the way I talk about my jewelry and what it means to me and my customer.

I've learned that Eilisain is pretty much my alter ego, the person that can be fierce, strong and confident.  Not that I don't feel that way about myself but she is way cooler than me (my nerdy self).  She's almost like my super self and I do feel it's good for anyone's self esteem to have this persona, and to have an object that helps them call on the persona, whether it be jewelry or a letter (aka S for super woman). 

For example I've read that Beyonce has her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, it's her on stage persona.  It's playing a role and we don't feel as responsible and it makes it easier to become that persona. 

The Valkeryie Collection shot by Aileen Devlin.
So it may be that you might want to call upon your alter ego in times of need, when you need that boost.  And perhaps jewelry can help you access that part of you that is confident and fierce. 

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