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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The eye has to move

As I'd mentioned in my post about layering jewelry, I've always been a bit of a fashionista.  When I say that I mean more that I've always loved fashion and design.

In elementary school I can vividly recall watching the early 90's shows like Fashion File and MTV's House of Style and loving the way they dissected new fashion designers and how to combine outfits.  I also recall writing an essay on how I wanted to be a fashion designer and provided several drawings in color of my creations.  I still have that essay and cherish that my teacher said 'maybe one day I'll be wearing Lisette Fee designs'....perhaps it was an omen?

With that said, I'm excited to write a post about personal style and how to cultivate your own personal style. I believe fiercely that personal style speaks volumes without having to say a word.

Me, finally with purple hair! 
It's in my Pisces nature that I'm all over the place when it comes to personal taste (food, clothing, music, movies - you name it!).  So I love  mixing it up, one day I'll be grungy the next day punk and the day after that vintage old school.  You can see the difference in the above two photos.  I believe the key to owning your personal style is to be unapologetic.  Case in point, my love for the color purple is well known, so I finally had my hair colored purple and I loved it - but that didn't mean I dressed in head (literally) to toe purple.

Wearing a vintage dress I got in Atlanta, and all vintage gold jewelry from my Mom's stash

So here are some basics on developing your personal style. 
  • Embrace what makes you unique, whether it's your red hair, wide smile or deep blue eyes.  Play them up! Case in point, I still get a bit worried that I smile too much.  I've been reminded though that I have a great smile - so why not smile more often!
  • Use your best color to your advantage.  If red or blue looks good against your skin, wear it more often.  I've found that turquoise matches my olive skin beautifully. 
  • Match your style to your personality.  If you're a quiet person, go with monochrome pieces, like a vest in black or camel.  Or if you love punk music or the entire movement, wear black tanks or animal print. This is not a rule by any means - you can dress in any style daily.
  • Mimick or shadow one of your idols/mentors/shero.  One of my all time favorite stylish woman/designer is Diane Von Furstenburg.  She exudes glamour and class. I pay attention to how she accessorizes and styles her outfits.
With my cousins, Mom and Abuelita in Panama.  All of these ladies have influenced me in style and design.

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