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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Upcoming shows and events

Spring is my favorite season, I love it for many reasons - the birds are chirping more, flowers are beginning to bloom, the weather is warmer and well, my birthday is also right before spring!

And the major part of Spring is all the wonderful outdoor events! I've been applying to shows and I finally got into one, I'll be a vendor at the Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philaphelphia on May 9th-10th. 

Art Star poster.  Find more info about the event here.

And I'll be releasing the Brigid Collection on the first day of Spring, Friday March 20th.  This is the first 'bridal' collection I've done and it is a small yet well edited collection of rings and one of a kind pieces for the unique bride. 

I made pieces that were simple and affordable.  I put the term 'bridal' in quotes because as much as I'm putting a name on these pieces, really they don't have to be for a bride just as much as my other collections have been used as ceremonial pieces for weddings. 

And I decided to name this the Brigid Collection after the Celtic Goddess Brigid; she has been one of my patron deities and a triple goddess.  She represents the fire before the summer months, she is the Goddess of Imbolc (one of the pagan sabbaths).  There are many stories and tales of Brigid, she is the the bards muse, the patron of Smiths and herbal healing.   

I hope you'll visit and stay tuned for more images of my new collection and as always, thank you for reading.
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