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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Brigid Collection is finally here!

After much buildup and anticipation I'm very pleased to unveil the Brigid Collection, a collection of jewelry for the lovers and the dreamers (you definitely don't need to be a bride to purchase them!). 

For many reasons I'm very proud of this collection and the project that went into it.  Especially when quite of bit of energy and preparation goes into it, such as the video and photoshoot.  But I'm so happy with the outcome and most especially the people that worked with me on it (read the previous post here for all the deets).  

This collection is also very close to my heart because of naming it after one of my patron deities, Brigid.  I've prayed to her and sought her guidance many times in my life.  And for what she represents (smiths, poetry/inspiration and fertility) those are big aspects of my own life.  Oh and Ostara (Spring) is my favorite time of the year, the earth is reawakening and shifting, birds are chirping...it's beautiful!

So here I present to you the video we shot at the same time as the photoshoot for the collection.  I was very fortunate to find Ryan Shackleford (through my previous videographers) and as a videographer he was super professional and great to work with. 

the love in this video is real...Chris and Ashleigh are partners in life, aren't they just the sweetest???!!!
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