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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Speaking of Brides...

I'm not sure if I ever posted on here that I got married in October of last year! Ha, I was thinking about it this morning, about the bridal collection of jewelry I've been making and how I was just a bride last year.   It was a beautiful day filled with love and my family and closest friends.  

And I loved how very simple and yet special wedding it was especially because at every aspect we had friends and family involved.  We held the wedding at our favorite local restaurant, Starlight Cafe and the food was AMAZING! And so were the drinks. 

We also hired my husbands cousin, Jessica Lee of Jessica Lee Photography take the photos and she did such an excellent job.  *All the images below are hers. 

My favorite photo of all!
Loved playing with my niece, Dottie!

Gotta have that amazing cocktail post vows

Love of my life, Bobby Pittman

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