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Monday, July 30, 2012

Scenery and wildlife at Penland

I'm going to sound a bit cheesy as I write this, but Penland is a magical place.  It's almost like Wonderland, especially with the mountains as a backdrop and mushrooms, butterflies, multi-colored insects around, all the while art is being created.

Most of us during my session (4) collected all kinds of random bugs and insects.  Here are some photos of what caught my eye.
There were beautiful butterflies all around Penland.
The wishing 'well' at Penland
Schroomies! They were everywhere too..
A cabin which features a pottery studio.
The moths and insects on campus were pretty cool too.
 A furry moth my friend Mariah gifted me.
This was an especially cool schroomie with fungus dripping from it.
The Pines at night, a good ole dance party went down that night.
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  1. Where is the wishing well at? I don't remember seeing it ever! Dance party? No fair!!

  2. lol, it's on the way to the craft house! I never noticed it either till this time. yeah, the party was awesome, they even had a keg!