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Sunday, July 1, 2012


 So I've finally taken the leap, or more like stopped procrastinating and created a website AND a Facebook Fan page.

I'm not sure why I kept putting it off, but the impetus was that I've been applying for grants and loans and I just don't feel professional enough without both of those.  And from the numerous design blogs that recommend making these changes to be taken seriously, well...I just had to sit myself down this morning and right now and dedicate myself.

Somedays it can be so frustrating, as a maker/jeweler to learn all the other ins/outs of web design, business planning when what you really want to be doing is making! But sometimes I need a day off from using my hands.  I'm never happy! just kidding, I am.

So here they are...Eilisainjewelry.com and Eilisain Jewelry on Facebook.   Please "Like" it or I'll be SO depressed...just kidding. 

 lemme know what you think.

Thank you as always for reading!

Oh and psst, photo is of a tragic dead bird found under my stairwell...perhaps the Gods are sending me a message to immortalize it?

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