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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Penland: Melt workshop with Jana Brevick

 It has been one week since I've been at Penland and for some reason it feels like a month.  Time seems to be warped when you're here, which can be good but also, I am getting a bit homesick.  However, I've put that out of my mind because time here is precious and wonderful.

The first several days were sweltering hot, but now it has been raining and cooled off, which many of us were grateful for since there is no central AC at Penland.

The Melt workshop has been very educational, we've been testing and making samples of our fine silver and copper alloys, which has been very fun.  However we've been restless too, it's hard not to want to immediately make something with our alloyed samples, I think that's what will happen next week.  My plan is to make an Alloyed mixture necklace, ring and cuff. 
Below are several photos from my first week here.  I have many more, so stay tuned!

The view from the Craft House, where most of the workstudy women stay.
The relaxing rocking chairs on the porch of the Craft house.

The Lower Metals studio, where our class is being taught.

Jana getting all set up at her bench.  I love her large glasses!
The view from my bench.
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  1. Increíble experiencia.
    Qué bonito.

  2. Ugh! I miss the crap out of that place! I really hope to get back there next summer.

  3. Si es increible and las montanas son bonitas.

    Oh, I miss you Adrian and all the other gals being here, it's not the same but I still love it!