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Friday, July 27, 2012

Classmates at Penland

It's funny when you take a workshop, you end up learning just as much from your classmates as you do from your teacher.  My classmates at Penland are very talented and creative; we all had different backgrounds but had a really great time making diverse pieces out of our alloys. 

Here's a review of my new friends from Penland. 
Kim Zitzow working on her boat. 
Kim made a very cool boat from her alloys, I wish I had a photo of it.  And for the background of the boat she used her rust water on paper.  It was a perfect backdrop.  Kim and I bonded over working for Biba Schutz, tho I never did production work for Biba, as Kim does currrently, however Biba's zany personality is something to bond over!
Laurel Fulton working on her copper 'paper' bag.
Laurel is such an awesome and funny person, as well as a multi-talented artist.  Laurel has been coming to Penland for over 5 years now.  She does printmaking, painting and metals and she's an art teacher in Colorado.  Good times spent with this lady.

Carol Haggig and Amir Friedman, two of my favorite people at Penland.
There really are no words for Carol and Amir, the three of us had too much fun exchanging ideas, gossip and enjoying the creative process at Penland.

You can read more about Amir in my artists profile.

Carol will get her own profile review soon.  I will say that I truly enjoyed her generous, positive and open spirit.  Carol challenged me to always work and get moving.  She couldn't stop making! In that, she and Amir are very alike, they love to create - constantly.
Carrrrol (as we say her name) working on her many beautiful pieces.  I just love her french accent.
Keramit Reiter making tiny, tiny jewelry.
I didn't get to know Keramit as much as I would've liked but I'll say this, she loves to make itty-bitty pieces.  I admire her willingness to go small, very small.

Our lovely assistant Julia Heineiccus.
Julia was my refining buddy, she was great at getting us all set up and keeping everything safe.  I love her ingenuity in her jewelry too, she makes elegant bracelets and rings from brass wire and gold plates them.  Very lovely. 
Casting with Amir, was a bit wild (he likes his flasks HOT!)
Towards the end of the two weeks at Penland, Amir was hell bent on casting.  He was using any machinery possible.  It was fun casting with him because he has such high energy and I learned a new secret....shhh, I can't tell!
Robbie Wolff taking one of his many naps.  He has an amazing collection of stones. 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my new artist friends.  Thanks for visiting.

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