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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New item in my Eilisain etsy shop

I'm really in love with this black coral, the little ridges give it a very rough and seductive quality.

It took me quite a bit of time to bend the coral but it finally succumbed to my will! This shiny new cuff is now on sale in my Eilisain Etsy shop.

Cuff measures 7 inches around the wrist
(if pushed up on the arm rather then at the base of the hand).

Me modeling my new bracelet. It's going to be very hard to part with it when I sell it.

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  1. Love this bracelet Lisette! Bangle/earring combo always looks stylish together too, gives a bit of distance between bigger pieces.

  2. Thank you Jade! you are very right about earring bracelet combo...never thought of it that way.