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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Trifecta Reigns supreme

The Grand Trifecta: Tara Locklear, Sarah West, Lisette Fee

Our awesome gift bags.
We are such a great team, Sarah bought the tissue paper and bags and
Tara and Sarah did the labels!

Dorky jewelry gals, myself, Sarah West,
Sarah Watkins (owner of Caramel boutique) and
Tara Locklear in front of our display table.

A lil' display table of our jewelry at Caramel boutique

Two of my favorite people in D.C.,
my bestie Eva Henninger (on my left) and Summer Simpson (on my right).

Folks taking in the awesomeness of the Trifecta Trunk show
at Marvin's (hip and too-cool bar/restaurant)

Models getting excited and dressed up in
Philissa's clothing line, Thembe Fashions.

Thembe Fashions sassy dress and
Sarah West Designs record jewelry.

Another fabulous dress (I really want one!) by Thembe Fashions
of Philissa Williams
. And of course, concrete necklace by Tara Locklear.

Beautiful and very funny Jilian sporting my
deer antler necklace and ring for the fashion show.

Jillian looking quite radiant and beautiful in Thembe Fashions
and Eilisain Jewelry.

I don't know where to begin about this past weekend's Trifecta Trunk show with Sarah West and Tara Locklear. I had so much fun, worked my ass off and learned so much about putting on a trunk show. Sarah and Tara and I are learning so much and I feel so lucky to work with them on this show and on future shows. We work very well together, being very efficient and organized.

So many of my friends and family came out in support and it meant the world to me. Not only that but strangers and fellow artists came to the shows to see our latest work and have fun! And last but not least, all the free publicity from fellow artists and designers. It feels wonderful - I had the biggest, cheesiest grin on my face all day at Marvin's!

The fashion show at Marvin's organized by the very multi-talented Philissa Williams of Thembe Fashions was so bangin' and HAWT! Philissa is an independent and self taught fashion designer whom Tara serendibitously met through a friend of a friend. Philissa arranged for the fashion show and complimentary bloody mary drinks at Marvin's to showcase our jewelry.

The fashion show was so exciting to me because it fulfilled a childhood fantasy of mine - I always wanted to be a fashion designer, so this was just perfect. Not only that, the music, by DJ Sludge was off the hook. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

So now I want to thank all who came to the show, that posted the show on your blog and news outlets!! THANK YOU!

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