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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jessica Calderwood Penland workshop

This week has been quite amazing, it's like a wrinkle in time, where you get lost in the moment and several minutes later realize the magic of it. Do I sound cheesy or what? But it really is like that.

Here is one of my first posts on Penland...there will be more, I guarantee it!
Just one of the beautiful views at Penland

The view from my bench. Pretty sweet.

Our class getting ready for a demo from
Jessica Calderwood on painting with enamels.

One of Jessica's larger pieces. It's electroformed
as well as drawn, painted and decaled enamels.

Jessica's awesome double sided enameled brooch and other pieces.

Just many of Jessica's sample pieces.

Larger enameled vessels.

My drawn and then painted enamel earrings and pendant set.

My Lady Cat Cat piece that didn't fire well.
This was pre-fire...I'm bummed 'cause it's so cute and corny!

I'm still in the studio here, working on more samples. For now I give you this post, it's been so wonderful and good for my artistic soul to be in space that nurtures experimentation and play. And not having to stress about a grade or a critique.

Not only am I learning so much about enameling but all the other mediums, printmaking, rglass, fiber, sculpture and ceramics. I want to try it all!

Anywho, hope you enjoyed reading.

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  1. You take such lovely photos, Lisette! It was great meeting you at Penland :) We need to start planning our next Penland experience!!

  2. Thanks Adrian, that's a big compliment coming from a photographer!
    Yes we will def have to plan a reunion.