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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Romero Gurman Glass studio

Finally, a Mexico post! ha, I know I said I was going to and going to and never got around to it until today! When I arrived in Mexico City, Jesse Bert met me at the airport and we checked into the hotel near the Zocalo (town square). It was an overcast day but the weather was wonderful, cool and breezey (very unlike Greenville, NC).

Jesse and I had time to kill before meeting Lari at the airport (her plane was massively delayed) so we visited Romero Gurman glass studio just on the outskirks of Mexico City.

Gurman and Romero business teamand Jesse Bert
having a good laugh with their adorable son.

Jesse getting a closer look at
Romero Gurman brass set glass production work.

Design process of mixing the glass pieces.

Production closet. I love Deborah Gurman's organization!

Storage bins for the different glass/colors.

A cutting machine, just place your original on the left side
and cut out an exact replica on the right.

A bezel set glass piece in sterling silver.
Gurman fabrics them himself.

Glass beadworking station.

Debora Gurman and Marco Romero are a wonderfully charming and talented husband/wife business team. They teach classes and sell their work in Mexico and internationally. They were so generous in giving me a tour of their studio and soon-to-be workshop space.

Marco is not only a highly skilled glass worker but also in metalsmithing. He has a ridiculous amount of machinery (I was SO envious). I'd estimate about 10 glass kilns, and several soldering stations.

*Side note, their adorable 4 year old son was busy running around playing with the machines.

Not only did the successful couple have an awesome studio, they also are very organized with their production work. Debora was really proud of the way she had the glass jewelry categorized.

And here is a Youtube video of their work:

Hope you enjoy this post!
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