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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I continue my art education with Design 2 and Figure Drawing. I'm truly appreciating the learning process; taking the time to study line, form and all the elements/foundations of design.

This year has already taught me so much and it's only January 26th! I am enjoying drawing much more than I did last semester. Despite my teacher being a bit dry, he is very good.

And my design class is with the very innovative and inventive, Bob Ebendorf. He has such wonderful and enthusiastic energy, a master teacher in the art of possiblities...why only use one material or why not use dirt from the ground or whatever?

I think that is what has become much of a revelation for me. Broadening my palette to include new materials, methods. First coming into jewelry/metals can bit a bit overwhelming because there is so much to absorb. In addition, to changing what I view as jewelry moreso adornment.

I could go on for awhile but here is a brush I made in Bob's workshop at the symposium 2 weeks ago. Pin It

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