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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's business time

No not that kind of business time (reference to Flight of the Concords episode) which is very hilarious but more of craft business and learning more about how to create a sound and smart business plan.

That's one of my many goals this year. I recently purchased the business planner book, Craft Inc., which is incredibly awesome for the way it organizes all of the tools a crafter/artist needs to make it in the business.

With the free time I have this semester and summer, since I'm going to school part time I'm investing more of my free time to creating smaller and lower priced work to sell in addition to creating an etsy shop.

I have to credit Megan Auman and her several websites, she has a great business mind and model that I admire. She most recently released her craftMBA business blog several days ago and I'm already learning from it, check it out: www.craftMBA.com. Pin It

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