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Thursday, June 4, 2015

new stockist: Altar PDX

It's been awhile since I posted about one of my stockists and I'm happy to share a new one that I'm quite excited to be a part of.

Several months ago I got a request from Amy Lee of Altar PDX to send her my linesheets, and this was all due to images I had posted on my instagram.  I had also been following Altar PDX and loved their selections of clothing and jewelry so this worked out perfectly.   Thus now Altar is one of my stockists, and I'd like to share with you some of my favorite pieces in their shop, and why they're so awesome to shop at!

The name alone of their shop is perfect. 
And yup, I have one of Simka's awesome leggings.
LOVE Andy's beautiful images.
You probably guessed it but I have this same tshirt....obsessed with it!
The Hunted II ring in bronze, sold at Altar PDX
So it's no surprise that I own many of the pieces Altar PDX sells, we have the same taste and aesthetic.  And what I love most is that the ladies behind Altar are super, super supportive of independent designers.  As well, they celebrate the beauty of nature and honoring mother earth, this to me is really wonderful.  I only wish I lived closer to Portland....I've never been but if I did, Altar PDX would be my first stop.

So if you're in their neighborhood, stop by and see why this shop is so amazing!

thanks for reading.
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