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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Eide magazine feature interview

Before I left for Atlanta for the ICE (Indie Craft Experience) show I contacted Eide magazine.  As you may recall two years ago they did featured my jewelry on the cover of their magazine (ummm huge deal!) and I really wanted to meet some of their staff and invite them to the show.

Alas, they couldn't attend however the Eide team was so gracious to interview me about the show and supporting locally sourced handmade goods.  Eide's correspondent intern, Hannah Lenore Gray, had some great questions.  My main point was to stress how much local economy benefits from supporting handmade.  It boils down to putting money in your neighbors pocket, which in turn supports your local coffee shop to your neighborhood restaurant.  It all comes full circle.

Still can't get over this rad image and The Hunted double owl talons on the cover!
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