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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maker.Jeweler Profile: Brittany Nicole Brisson

I haven't done a profile in a long time and it's apt that I do one on my good friend Brittany Nicole Brisson.  Brittany is having her senior exhibition tomorrow night at Art Avenue and I'm just so proud of her, she's one of the hardest working students I know!

Isn't her poster fun? ECU Alumni and illustrator Alice Holleman designed it!
Brittany is not only a BFA candidate in metals but also Art Education, which is a hard juggling act.  Students getting a degree in Art Ed have a much heavier work load as well as get a dual degree in a specialized program, such as metal design.

Brittany and I became friends 2 years ago and she's helped me cast in the studio, assisted for the Aurelian Nights Fashion show and just hang out.  I truly admire and respect Brittany, she juggles work, school load and creating awesome pieces.  She's an innovator and loves to play with all kinds of materials.  Here are several of her pieces that do just that!

GeoJane Necklace
Brass. Powder Coat.

Bolo Tie for Joe Bova
Sterling Silver. Copper. Enamel. Photo Decal.

"Don't Hug Me" Brooch

Brass, Enamel, Beta Sand, Sterling Silver.
Die-pressed, Formed and Fabricated.

Sugar Skull for Theresa Holtz's Clothing Line for 2014 AIMO Fashion Show
Steel. Enamel. Photo Decal. Powder Coat.
You can view more of her work here.  Thanks for reading!
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