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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Featured: Local maker The Lucky Owl Shop

Going along with my theme of yesterday, favorite shops.  I've decided to try, at least once a month, feature a local maker or small business.

Last Friday evening I attended the Meet & Greet at Art Avenue to meet the other makers & exhibitors for the annual holiday sale at Art Ave.  I was excited to catch up with Amanda Atkins, owner of The Lucky Owl Shop.

Amanda is from eastern NC and has worked in the Uptown sector of Greenville for a long time, and I'd seen her around town so I was happy to see that she was selling over the summer at the Umbrella market.  Amanda makes organic and all natural home & body accessories, like all natural deodorant, lip balm, candles, bath salts, dream catchers...she is super talented and I love the antique/vintage feel of her company.  
I also love Amanda's enthusiasm and creativity, she has re-purposed old packaging to conserve and recycle (which I love!) and made all kinds of delicious and affordable goodies!

The Lucky Owl shop display for the Art Avenue holiday sale.
See how inventive she is? Creating her owl light switch covers!
So, if you're in the Greenville area or follow The Lucky Owl Shop on instagram or facebook - order some of her amazing stuff!
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