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Thursday, January 8, 2015

ECU Metals Symposium is just around the corner!

I can't believe it's almost here, the annual ECU Metals Symposium.  I love that it becomes a lil reunion for me as I get to see all my old friends from, what seems like ages ago, when we were all in school together (Kat Cole, Laura Wood, Sarah West, Heath Wagoner, Marissa Saneholtz, Tara Locklear, Autumn Brown, Danielle James, Laritza Garcia and many others).  It was a bit of a renaissance at ECU, not to be cheesy or romantic, but at that time there were so many talented and budding super-jewelry stars at ECU, learning new methods and just beginning to find their voice (and not to say that there aren't the same now).

And now all of those jewelers and makers are out in the world making big things happen.  And we come full circle to having major talent come to Greenville and make further connections.  I'm really excited about all the great workshops and speakers, like Jamie Bennett (enamelist king), Rachel Shimpock (have you seen her hilarious jeweler in the kitchen video?) and Kim Cridler (amazing ironwork).

If you're attending the symposium, I'll see you there - if not, you should sign up for next years!
I love this poster (aka sprued rings)! Designed by Danielle James extraordinaire!

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