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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Year in review

Traditionally I celebrate the new year on Samhain however with calendar goes I still review the year in December/January.  This has been a year full of so many successes, memories, achievements and lessons.  I've learned so much and I've challenged myself much more this year to go beyond my own expectations.  I think it's important to measure my success by my standards and not so much by comparison, it's less stressful and more fulfilling.

So here is a lil' recap of some of the memories and events I'm most proud of:

1.  Helped in rebuilding Art Avenue's gallery and studios.  
Working with the generous, hard working individuals (Claire Edwards, Sarah Seztco, Autumn Brown, Andy Denton, Jeremy Fineman, Sim Asher, Aileen Devlin, Holly Lyco and more) of Art Avenue has made me respect and care more from the Greenville artist community.  If I didn't have AA as a studio and space to work...well let's just say it'd be so much harder to run my business!

Painting the doors of the back studios at Art Avenue
 2.  Worked with some amazing photographers, models, videographers and graphic designers
Creating a brand and business does not just consist of the work I do but of the work of other talented people.  And my group of friends are seriously talented.  Like this image of Claire Fletcher (model) by Aileen Devlin for the Valkyrie Collection SS14.  I've worked with Aileen twice and it's been a dream.  She works hard to get just the right image.  And I have to say this is one of my favorite images this year. 
Loving this gorgeous image by Aileen Devlin from the Valkyrie Collection S/S 2014
And this badassery right here!

Origins NJAL (Not Just a Label) Italy
With my husband in Vicenza Italy

3.  Participating in all kinds of shows
This one is a mixed bag. I took several risks participating in shows, some that were not so successful and some that were.  All in all though, every time I go out and introduce my jewelry to new people I'm making   connections and contacts and that is important. Of course the most exciting show was in Italy for the Origins: Passion and Beliefs fair.  I'm still amazed that I was invited, to be amongst such talented artisans was truly awesome!

4.  Hired help
This year I invested in a good accountant, photographer, graphic designer and assistant.  It's just too hard trying to do it all myself, and if I tried, I'd f***k it up! It was money well spent and it's shown in my business.  Next year I plan to refine this part of my business and maybe even hire a book keeper.  

5.  Challenging my skills
I really wanted to learn more stone setting this year and taking in commissions.  I learned how to prong set emerald cut stones as well as other tricky settings.  I definitely couldn't have learned stone setting without my mentor and boss, Ellis Cutrell (aka the Jewelry Doctor).  He's been patient and willing to show me his secrets. In addition, I refined my casting skills with the help of Autumn Brown.  Casting can be unpredictable and at any stage something could go wrong.  I've kept a notebook of each casting with notes on what went right and what went very wrong.  

As you can tell with this post, this year was a growing period and in that I grew with the help of my talented friends, colleagues whom were willing to teach me and show me how to do things the right way.  

And of course with your help and support.  I hope you had a successful and prosperous year as well - and as always, thank you for ready! 
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