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Friday, December 26, 2014

Tuning in and tuning out

This time of year is not my favorite in terms of the colder weather and bundling up however I do love it for the sole reason of having an excuse to stay in more, read and journal.  Journaling and writing down my thoughts, goals and reflections is meditative to me and is one step in the process of achieving my dreams.

It's much akin to some of the points in Twyla Tharp's book, The Creative Habit.   For the creative piece to take shape and become form, it needs a beginning with thinking and dreaming.

I'm reading several books now that are providing me with reflection on religion, history, love and introspection.   People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks is one of my favorites that I'm re-reading.  Brooks weaves an incredible story spanning lifetimes, it's a beautiful read.

So I leave you with this, take this time of year that provides shorter days and longer nights and look inwards and just let your mind wander - it is so good for the soul.
Photo by Katerina Plotniko

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