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Thursday, September 25, 2014

More additions to the Asteria Collection

After years of taking photos of my own jewelry, for Etsy, my website etc.  I've finally broken down and invested in having them photographed & edited.   And really, it is the best investment an artist or any business person can make.  However, I have this mentality that I have to do everything myself... yes I am a bit of control freak!  

Anywho, I'm very, very pleased with the additional images I had done by none other than Tara Locklear.  She's becoming quite the hyphenate, jeweler - designer AND photographer! 

So here they are images of the collection combo of the Vespa shank and the terminated black tourmaline stone from the Asteria collection.  I've gotten such a great response to this ring so I definitely ordered more of the stones!

Such a great shot, combining three positions of the ring.
Black Abyss ring, $175 available exclusively at Eilisain Jewelry.
They make such a great pair!
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