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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Collaboration and how it can help you grow artistically and financially

I just had a thought dawn on me about 10 minutes ago, as I was asking myself what my next blog post should be and it came to me; write about something I know and that has helped me grow immensely over the past two years.  Collaboration!

It seems obvious I know, but sometimes the obvious still needs explanation.  Working well with people comes naturally to me and working with a team helps me to find new ways of showing my work and turning it into a story.  So here are several points that will help you see how collaboration can be huge for your business!

Collaboration helps to:
1.  Expand my group and audience. I expose my craft to a new audience when I work with a printmaker, galleriest, photographer, videographer, model, make up artists etc. the list goes on and on.  In turn I've traded and sold my jewelry to these same artists and their friends.

2.  I learn so much from watching other artists and how they see the world; this in turns broadens my perspective and method of working.

3.  I also learn what NOT to do the next time; this isn't negative but it helps doing something wrong to get it right the next time.

4.  Patience, oh this one is so hard for me but it takes time to process photos, ideas and concepts when working with others.

5.  Reaps benefits infinitely; and you learn to work in a team, being an artist can be lonely so working in group or team every couple of months shakes up your daily work life.

Outtake from the Valkyrie photoshoot with Brian Korff, videographer and photo by Aileen Devlin.

Just some of the projects I've collaborated with other artists:
  • Aurelian Nights Fashion show (Paula Chrismon of the Closet Consignment boutique, Art Avenue and countless others.
  • Momentary Myth Exhibition and photoshoot with Sim Asher and Spike Hoban (videographer)
  • Art Avenue Projects
  • Preyed Upon Exhibition
  • Valkyrie Collection S/S14 with Aileen Devlin and Brian Korff
  • Upcoming collab: Asteria Collection F/W14 Exhibition and Photoshoot with Amber Burnette of Dekay Photography
  • Trifecta Trunk Show with Tara Locklear and Sarah West

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