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Monday, July 21, 2014

Growing pains

Today was one of those days where I was not very enthused or excited about being in the studio.  You may wonder, why? she gets to make whatever she wants.  That's not always the case, I do take commissions as well as fulfill orders and it is truly wonderful.  But as a creative person, it can be draining, disconcerting and scary...downright scary in the sense that I ask myself, what if....what if it isn't good enough, or what if it isn't right? 

But then, I preserved and as usual, my inner artist said 'just do it, just don't think about it, and make.' And I did and low and behold, a new exciting piece emerged.  

And ironically enough, just 5 minutes ago I came across this wonderful image of pioneer Amelia Earhart, and I'm inspired.  

I hope you are too!

Tagua nut, black coral and cuttlefish cast ring. 2010
An example of just doing it!
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