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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Valkyrie Collection SS14 coming soon

These past several days have been so busy; I'm prepping final pieces for a photoshoot for the debut of the Valkyrie Collection, May 5th.  The photoshoot is this weekend, so I need to get as many pieces done as possible.  Without having an assistant, you can imagine my stress level, somedays I feel completely overwhelmed and other days I'm so proud of how I do it all! 

There are several pieces of inspiration for this new collection, I wanted it to reflect the overall aesthetic of Eilisain Jewelry, inspiration and mythology, but also one of hope and renewal of the spring and summer months.  I can't say that my recent obsession with History channel tv show Vikings hasn't come in to play, but the final decision for the collections name came from a Goddess card deck that I always go to for wisdom and advice.  The Valkyrie is the Goddess of the afterlife, she guides the dead to the underworld.   Though many would associate death with the end of life, I've felt that is is a new beginning, one that is shrouded in mystery as really we do not know what happens afterwards.  

With this collection I'm also using faceted gemstones, forged sterling silver and gold filled copper.  I wanted a mix of materials that represent this ideal of renewal and growth.  I hope you like this sneak peak of it, I'll keep you posted over the next month, as it will be debuting in Italy for the Origins fair.  

As always, thank you for reading! 

Valkyrie Collection SS14
Valkyrie ring, sterling silver and faceted amethyst.  Photo by Lisette Fee, 2014

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