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Friday, December 13, 2013

LIGHT Art + Design Gallery

Last weekend I went to the holiday exhibition opening Metal 3 at Light Art + Design Gallery in Chapel Hill, NC.  I'd heard many great things about this gallery, especially since several of my friends and ECU alumni are represented there, so I was very happy to be invited to stay at Tara Locklear's place and spend the evening in a city, that is so close that I'd never been to.

Light is owned by two interior designers so the aesthetic and feel of the gallery lends itself to a modern and visually appealing space.  I very much enjoyed the feel of the gallery, as well as ogling the gorgeous jewelry and sculpture on display.  I was also very happy to see Hoss Haley's pieces (that my Penland Class had seen in the process) exhibited!

This was also a celebration of sorts as I got to spend the evening with Sarah West and Tara Locklear, whom I haven't been with both at the same time in awhile.  The three of us were the older ladies in the ECU undergrad studio back in the day (about 3 years ago).  It was really great catching up with them and reliving old memories.

I hope you enjoy this post! 
Hoss Haley sculpture
Hoss Haley

Of course, the ECU metalsmiths are very well represented.  Laura Wood and Zachary Lechtenburg are also represented by Light. 

The ladies in action, Sarah West on the left and Tara Locklear on the right.

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