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Friday, November 22, 2013

Several interviews

Yesterday was a whirlwind of great press, my interview with Eide magazine was published, you can read it here. As you may recall the Hunted silver double owl talon earrings were featured on the cover of the magazine.  The team over at Eide magazine is super supportive of independent designers, especially in the South.  And the magazine itself is a great publication.  

And several months ago, back in August, I met with Krista Anne of the Makery Project (which supports and promotes NC artisans).  I gave her a tour of my studio at Art Avenue and discussed what it's like working as an artist in Greenville.  

Press like this is hard to come by, as well as the generous people behind these kinds of projects.  I feel really fortunate to have been chosen.  Thanks for reading and your support!

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