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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Opening Reception for Preyed Upon Exhibition

I'm so happy and very proud of how the Preyed Upon Exhibition turned out. We had a great crowd show up and our guest speaker Billy Barber, a Eastern North Carolina native really engaged the attendees with insightful hunting stories.

And people really responded to the concept of the exhibition - illuminating the hunting culture of Eastern NC with art work.

Below are some photos I took at the event and of the pieces. I'm so appreciative of all the help I had with the show, especially Andy Denton, Andrea Smith, Craig Malmrose, Autumn Brown and DJ. And it goes without saying Claire Edwards, Director of Art Avenue was my biggest supporter.

Hope you enjoy the photos!
Kevin Vanek's sculpture piece.
He created a new species!

Charity Valentine's photography over Gail's installation pieces.

Autumn Brown's The Stand.

Andy Denton is the master of setting up displays.

Duncan Stephenson's brooches.

A good crowd a the opening.

Myself, Andy Denton and Claire Edwards
- just one part of the Art Avenue team!

Oh and if you missed the opening reception, don't worry, we'll have the show open for Uptown Greenville's First Friday in April.
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  1. Congratulations on your show!! Lots of hard work and talent went into it, I can absolutely see. Wish I could have come (am in CA). All the best!

  2. Thank you Juliette, it was hard work but so worth it. Wish you coulda been there too, if only we had teletransport or something!