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Saturday, March 3, 2012

She wears it well

Ms. Jodie Bakker wearing her new earrings and ring.

Several weeks ago I received the sweetest email from Jodie Bakker, of Canada, stating that she loves my jewelry and use of black coral, and it really made my day. Her email also got me thinking about my one year anniversary of selling on Etsy.

Jodie purchased the above matching cuttlefish cast ring and earrings from my Deep Sea Jewelry collection - and she wears it SO well!

Thank you for sending the photo Jodie, you look great, if only you lived closer I'd have you model all my jewelry!
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  1. Awe!!! Thank you Lisette!!! I would gladly model your jewelry :)

    Your Etsy shop is amazing and I LOVE your stuff. I've received so many compliments on the ring and earrings.

    I will definitely be a repeat customer!

  2. You're welcome, and thank you! And I'm so happy that you're getting attention ;-) with my jewelry.