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Monday, March 19, 2012

Honey bee

Last week, before I was getting ready for the Preyed Upon exhibition, I stopped by the Greenville Museum of Art to check out the Honey Exhibition curated by Lisa Beth Robinson. (ECU teacher and friend of mine).

HONEY is a dynamic, juried exhibition embodying and celebrating the role of the honeybee. In light of the international Colony Collapse Disorder crisis and global concerns over war, economic collapse and a worldwide food shortage, the fate of the honeybee mirrors the fate of humanity. Philosopher Rudolf Steiner noted the bees as an indicator species in developing his ideas on biodynamic farming and caring for the earth.

Below are some images from the show.

Eye see you!

Freaky cool encaustic piece.

This would make a wonderful addition to my home...
if I could afford it.
Honey crates turned into art.

LOVED this piece, so interactive!

Necklace by Kelly Jean Conroy.

I really enjoyed this exhibition; with it's environmental and societal message along with the wonderful interpretations of bees and their impact on our world. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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  1. lisette! i finally saw this! thank you so much for posting and linking! you're a doll! xo