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Saturday, November 5, 2011


First women of the Bauhaus school in Weimar.

Ilse Fehling
Ilse Fehling
Abstract sculpture
Marguerite Friedlaender-Wildenhain
Model of an airplane cup
Marguerite Friedlaender-Wildenhain
At the wheel at Pond Farm.

Lilly Reich
Lilly Reich
Thonet chair

Before I even signed up for my courses this fall I'd bought the book, Bauhaus Women by Ulrike Muller, intrigued by how women studied at the school, in such male dominated fields: wood, metal, photography, ceramics and even textiles (as a whole regarded as a 'woman's field). It's not surprise I decided to write my paper (due next week -ack!) on the same subject.

I'm very intrigued at how the world was back in the early 19th century for these pioneer women. Despite the extreme sexism, even with the shroud of 'equality between the sexes' stated by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius, these women became successful and unconsciously made a crack in the glass ceiling for female artists.

So here is another post on Bauhaus and putting faces and incredible work with the pioneers of that time and place.
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  1. Great post, I'm gonna have to find that book now looks brilliant!

  2. Thanks! It is a great book to add to any collection!