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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ECU Iron Pour

Twice a year the sculpture department at ECU hosts an iron pour. The autumn weather is perfect for a pour, providing a wonderful setting to watch hot iron cast into molds! It's the best to celebrate the cooler weather and make some awesome large scale pieces.

I really enjoy watching the process because it's amazing to witness the properties of liquid metal poured and shaped into new objects. This semester I'm taking a sculpture class and to my surprise, I'm really enjoying it. I thought I'd have hard time with it but I love welding (mig welding specifically) and learning how to creatively think on a bigger scale.

Chris Wooten's giant pumpkin - ready for the iron!

HOT iron - watch out!

My friend Sam Woitovich
doing the iron dance to please the metal gods.

Several sand molds absorbing the iron.

And here is short video I took of the pour (*ignore my bad commentary!)

Enjoy and hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!
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