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Monday, August 16, 2010

coral and mangos on the beach

On my last day in Panama my cousins and I drove to Isla Grande (Big Island) for a day at the beach. Despite the cloudy weather (it's the rainy season in Panama) we decided to take a risk. Often times it rains in short periods, plus it's a 1.5 hour drive from the city.

Anywho, we discovered we were pretty much the only people at the beach, along with one couple. And we had a fun time, eating fresh mangos and drinking wine.
Plus, I was in heaven collecting white coral that washed up on the beach.

This large piece of black coral is by far my most prized possession of the trip. And no need to worry, I did not tear it from a coral forest or anything.

After lounging on the beach for awhile we decided to eat lunch. We walked along the shore and came upon a small restaurant. The owner also makes beach jewelry with coral and seashells. I began asking him where he found the enchanting black coral, and he pulled out this large branch. Needless to say, it took my breath away. The branch coral washes up along the shores of the island, they warm it up with a cigarette lighter to bend it.
I had already bought a bracelet make from this coral and a necklace and was out of money! My older cousin whispered to me, trade him what you bought for that branch. I wanted the branch coral SO bad. And he did trade it with me for what I'd already bought.

I CAN NOT wait to use this to make some breathtaking jewelry!!! Pin It

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  1. Mangos, playa, vino......qué bueno.
    Un saludo, Lisette.