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Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's pretty much near the end of spring semester at ECU and there are lots of senior and MFA thesis shows going up. I went to several Friday night and it was great to see the culmination of hard work for the several metal graduate students.

Here are several photos of Autumn Brown and Jennifer Well's work:

Porcelain faces Autumn wood fired. The central face holds potato chips! Much of Autumn's work utilizes porcelain, metal and semi-precious stones. I especially loved the above body of work and the ostrich egg wall piece below. Autumn is very adept at doing sculptural work, as you can tell and the ostrich egg piece is just magnificent.

Klepto belt buckle.
One of Jen's silver vessels. Jen uses horsehoe nails to adorn, and support, her vessels, which are flawless. I've only raised one copper bowl...and to raise such a fine piece of silver, is well, very hard!

Here is my friend Lisa (right) and myself. We had a great time walking around downtown Greenville for the semi-annual Artwalk. *as you can see I'm wearing one of Laura Wood's earrings which, I really love! Pin It

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