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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

cupcakes and toothpicks

Last weekend I was in the mood for dark chocolate...cupcakes so I found an awesome recipe online on Cast Suger blog. And these cupcakes came out sooooo good, though my arms were killing me from mixing all day.
I decided to add my own lil' addition of yummy hazelnuts!
Buttercream frosting with irish cream mixed in...deliciousness.
And the voila! my cupcakes!

These were a payment in exchange for a trim to my new haircut, you can see in my previous post.

Okay, now onto a design project I've been working on. Bob assigned us a project to construct something with 250 of any material we want. I decided to use toothpicks because they contain the perfect amount of 250. My idea was to create a watchtower...sorta looks like one.

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