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Thursday, April 8, 2010

scrap or something new?

Whenever I get stuck or take a break or when I'm waiting for something to dry or pickle, I go through my bench drawers to see what I've put away for another time.

In January I was working on my broken hearts and I had been working on one brooch that wasn't working with me. so I took it apart and kept the pin back setting, I thought, this may come in use later as it had a perfectly good pin back setting.

so I took a lil' break and looked at the pin back setting and thought, why not just leave it as is and wear it as a pierced brooch? I did some more piercing, oxidized it and voila! I have something that is just fun and not too serious.
What do you do with scrap or pieces that didn't work immediately? Pin It

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  1. I usually hang onto them for later use too. Sometimes they get used, sometimes they just lay around collecting dust. Sometimes they get smashed with a hammer or re-enameled. I have stuff that's been laying around for ages, but I feel like it will all get used eventually. Somehow...