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Monday, March 1, 2010

what I've been working on lately

Most of my recent posts have been about other people, while I haven't really written much about what I'm doing. So here's a brief update!

My drawing class is going well, I draw really well when it's a bone or imitation drawing but I struggle with drawing nude models.

Bob Ebendorf has been gone for a week to the west, for the Yuma symposium. While he's been gone our assignment was to create an object 2D or 3D object using folded paper.

After my sub-par spoons I really wanted to kick ass on this project, I thought I was with my grand idea of imitating a birds wing but now I'm not so sure. I find it boring...you can see for yourself.
I like the colors but perhaps I could've gone smaller with the feathers at the top?

As for jewelry, I've been gearing up for my weekend trip to VA/DC to visit friends and host a 'jewelry/brunch' with my girlfriends. I'm very excited to see all my old friends and show them what I've been working on.

I decided to continue with the hearts, they're easy, fast and fun!

The threading is working really nicely with the entire heart motif.

I am also making some nice silver jewelry, rings and pendants with some new stones I bought. I didn't take a picture of those but I will soon.

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