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Friday, March 12, 2010

I've finally set up Paypal on my website!

It really wasn't that hard...but y'know how when you have to do something that you think is going to be SO much work and when you do it, you say to yourself, "that wasn't so bad?"!

well that is exactly how it was with setting up Paypal and now I'm on a roll! I've been uploading images of recent work that I've had for awhile!

I uploaded my 'broken heart series' of pendants and one brooch and I'm just so excited to let my sister-in-law know because she lives in the very-uber hip Brooklyn and her friends have been asking her where she got her bad-ass pendant? Moi!

Now, the next step in all of this is getting better images. I grumble everytime I photograph work with my lil' camera that doesn't have the mega-watt superpower of all my friends cameras. In addition, good photos are SOOOOO important, just as important as the work itself.

anywho, I'm on spring break and just having a very nice time laying around in my pajamas all day and getting some work done. Oh and of course, watching trashy cable! Pin It

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