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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Marzee Collection at St. Andrews

Oh man, I wish they had more footage, I ate up this video of the Marzee collection,

"Galerie Marzee in the Netherlands, will be celebrating its 30th anniversary over the next year and this will be billed as one of the anniversary events. The gallery is the largest known gallery in the world dedicated to innovative contemporary jewellery (its displays extend over 4 floors of a former grain store) and its director, Marie-José van den Hout has built an extensive collection of some of the best international contemporary jewellery over the last 30 years. "

The Marzee Collection at St Andrews from Galerie Marzee on Vimeo.

The conversation in this video reminds me of one I was having with my Mom last week, when I visited my parents over spring break. Talking about how I used to play in her jewelry box and try on everything and ask when I was going to get it.

Now, I await anxiously for when my Mom gives me one of her pieces of jewelry. She's collected them over the years from Taiwan, Japan, Panama, Argentina, Peru...on and on and on.

Anywho, enjoy the video! Pin It

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