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Thursday, October 1, 2009


I sat in on my first metals critique. It was intense but also very informative. I've been shadowing the enamels II class at ECU; following along and working on a champ-levee pendant.
I had all sorts of issues with mine. First it took me forever to get the top completely soldered on the silver and then I used the wrong enamel....and it just trickled down from there.
I'm disappointed in the piece (aka my work). I'm trying to move on, but it's hard when you invest so much time and energy in to it.

Anywaysssss, I really enjoyed the critique and listening to what the other students picked up on and what the professor looks at. File marks, transition of color in enamel and also the reason and story behind the piece.

I didn't really have a story behind mine, which is fine for some pieces. But I've decided I'm going to make another go at champ-levee and also put a story behind it. I went to the library and picked up some books on Celtic archeology and Scythian goldwork. I'm enamored with the pieces of old; their work is incredible and for having the most basic of tools.

I'm brewing up a piece that has an animal motif, being a totemic/talismanic piece. I'd most like to use chasing/repousse for it but since I don't know those skills yet, I'm thinking of utilizing etching.

The panels above is a necklace I'm working on. It was initially supposed to be enameled but the way the acid ate at the silver and gave it a more worn look, i'm going to leave it and oxidize it then burnish to really play up the raised metal.

Below is Squints, my beloved kitty. She loves to hole up in her carrier and meow most of the mornings.
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