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Monday, April 4, 2016

I am the master of my domain

Ha, I really am! And let me tell you it is not easy being a master....it's hair raising and frustrating as hell!!

I'm in the current state of migrating my old website to a new more sleek version, in addition I'm closing several other sites and outlets.  So get prepared my friends and online family - I will no longer have an Etsy store or this blog!   Yes that's right I'm finally going to have all my jewelzzz on one site. 

My estimated timeline for getting all of this done......dun, dun, DUN: this Friday, April 8th.  Also the date of release for the Ondine Collection.  

Yes, you may ask yourself - why did she have two separate sites for her jewelry.  Well it's a complicated answer that honestly served my customers more than my business.  My current website won't allow me to use coupon codes for sales and events yet etsy does.  And I've had this blog since 2009 and I've loved this place for journaling my growth, but really one place makes it easier for both myself and you, the customer.

But now, I will have my blog, sales and new inventory on ONE website and I'm very excited about this however that means I have to 'rewrite' a new site.  This will be a task that is worth every minute of frustration, I'm sure of it.

On to more fun and exciting things like new images and pieces that have been in the works for awhile.  Enjoy!
Up close detail shot of the 18kt gold plated silver double owl talon torc.  Photo by Tara Locklear.

The Hunted II Double owl talon torc, 18k gold plating finish on sterling silver. Photo by Tara Locklear

A new iteration on the crow claw ring, with a double terminated lapis lazuli.  Photo by Tara Locklear

And new image of the bronze double owl talon earrings. Photo by Tara Locklear.
As always thank you for reading and stay tuned!
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