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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What it means to carry the totem and message of animals

As you know I'm a big advocate of protecting the habitat of animals, local environment and the living with a conscientious intention.  And part of my jewelry is the message of carrying the qualities and strengths of animals.  With that I believe I have a duty to also support the protection of their habitat.

I'm almost at a loss of how to write this post without getting a bit emotional, because the planet as we know it is changing rapidly though we do not see the effects everyday but little by little the wilderness is being eroded by shopping centers, Wal-marts and the hunger for natural resources like palm oil (ravages the habitat of orangutans and tigers).    I know that I'm a part of the system as well, purchasing metal, stones and other materials to make my jewelry and I'm incorporating ways to reduce my footprint, using recycled metal and stones.

But if we each take small steps each day, such as recycling, reusing containers, cloth bags, buying secondhand items, and handmade goods we can keep at bay the melting of the Arctic and Antarctic so that polar bears and all the other animals that live in wild places won't become extinct.

I hope you'll sign the petition and tell the President that we need more regulations and rules to stop using nonrenewable resources and reduce our carbon emissions so that polar bears have a place in our world.

Also read some of the great work the Center for Biological Diversity is doing to protect the beautiful animals of our world.  Every bit helps!

Thank you for reading and thank you for taking action!
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