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Monday, August 4, 2014

Looking back and going forward

It's August and for anyone in the jewelry business that means the holidays are near and it's time to prepare for shows, lookbooks, new collections and plans.

I've been working hard lately on making lists, finishing my bookkeeping and planning for the next year and five years to come.  This isn't something I come by easy, I've found that I work better when I make lists.  I keep a sticky note on my datebook with all of my 'To Do's for the day.  Sometimes I'll even write things I already did so that I feel accomplished, how silly is that?!

So what does this have to do with the Aurelian Nights behind the scenes images below? Well I thought, it's was a year ago that I worked with Paula Chrismon, of The Closet Consignment Boutique, on our first and I'm sure not last, collaboration.   And the project was not without it's hiccups but overall it was a big project and I'm proud of the work I did with Paula, the models, photographers, artists, local business' and friends.

I'm reflecting on that project and knowing that it happened because of the planning I put into it with Paula and the determination.  If I could work on such a big project and make it successful then I'm confident in the future.  I'm scared but excited and that's what I love SO much about being a business owner and an independent designer.

It was hot and dark in the theater but we sure did have fun! Paula and I cheezin'
Getting hair done by the ultra fabulous Candace Joyner and Sarah Schroko of Schroko's Hair Studio
Paula chattin' with the models, they were all so gorgeous and sweet!
As usual, thank you for reading!
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