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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The importance of small boutiques and galleries

Over the past two years I've been working hard to establish my jewelry line and get it out to the public.  One of the most essential parts of doing that is working with independent and small galleries such as Equinox Gallery in San Antonio and Ghost Gallery in Seattle (and the many other places, including online).  I've come to realize how important they are and many other independent retailers.  

It's a very symbiotic relationship, without jewelers and makers like myself these galleries wouldn't have the fresh talent to show their customers and without galleries like them I wouldn't expose my work to new customers.  In that sense I'm so grateful for them.  I also understand more of what it takes to run a gallery, studio and events since co-opting at Art Avenue.  

The hard part is getting the community to understand just how crucial to people and the community small business' are to the economy.  I try to stress this with my friends and family that aren't as into the handmade community as I am, but it's hard when you've got the Family Dollar down the road.  

So here's my soapbox message for today, think hard about every purchase you make because there is a history to it.  Such as the on trend blouse you get at the mall that was manufactured in China, that supports the big business and yet doesn't give much to the poor people that made it.  However, when you drop say $25 or $50 on that ceramic mug your local artisan made it goes to an artist that pays his rent, shops locally and puts that same money back into the community.  

*many ECU alumni are represented by this Equniox Gallery

Laurie Kearney, owner of Ghost Gallery has a super keen eye for artwork
My beaver teeth earrings (ethically sourced - no animals harmed) now being sold at Equinox Gallery.
Image by Equinox Gallery
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